Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vagina Verses Vulva

So this post may be a little confronting for some of you and you may want to walk away, but given the title of this post I am guessing you already know it has to do with vagina's and the various names we refer to them as.

As a mum of two daughters I recently decided to teach my daughters (more so my almost 2 year old) the proper name for her body parts,especially her genitalia. I have a varied circle of friends all who use various names in reference to their female "bits" and I had heard one friend in particular who is the mum of 2 young girls teaching her daughters to refer to their personal female parts as a vulva... now this was really confronting to me, I had not readily heard this female body part refered to as a vulva, usually woman including myself call it a vagina. The word vulva seem so foreign to me and to be honest a little bizarre, to hear this 3 year girl mention she had wiped her vulva after going to the toilet was totally odd to my way of thinking. "why on earth is she calling her vagina a vulva?" I asked my is always the case with this particular friend I got the most simple and straight forward answer "uummm cause that's what it is".... I went home a little mystified, why a vulva why not call it a vagina.. well the more I thought on it the more it made sense to me.

I want my kids to be able to correctly identify their body parts and the vagina is the inside part of the female gentiles, the vulva is the outside. I want my kids to be able to tell me if they have a particular pain where it is, and to just say my vagina hurts isn't good enough. Also especially as my eldest daughter is growing into a young lady now heading towards turning 12 years old next year, I don't want her using these cutsie name like foo foo or daisy, or names that objectifies or sexualise her body parts, yes the vagina is used for sex but it is also that amazing delivery channel that babies are birthed through and I don't want for our girls to grow up thinking that their vagina's are only there for sex, because of the sexual names society gives them.... am I over thinking this,... well you may think so but for me I think it is really important for my daughters and myself to know our bodies and the correct terms and usage for our various parts.

Intergrating the word vulva into our vocabulary has been interesting, we get some strange looks from people who might be about during a nappy change of our daughter and no doubt some of you reading this are probably thinking this woman is a nutcase (and that's OK I am a nutcase who knows I have a vulva and a vagina lol)we have started teaching Miss O with each nappy change where her vulva is and she now very proudly points to it and says "bulva" (she will be 2 in March next year so we think bulva is a pretty good pronunciation at this point)once her baby powder is sprinkled on she also announces "bulva..nice" hehehe which I think is her way of saying she likes to have the powder put on each nappy change.

So in the debate (and when I say debate please don't take that to mean I sit around discussing vagina's and vulva's cause I don't I simply mean a discussion I have had with my husband and with myself on how important is this particular thing) of referring to our girls private body part as vulva or vagina, vulva wins, it's the proper name for that part and to quote my friend..."uummmm cause that's what it is", simple and straightforward. Of course what you call your own body is your choice so go ahead and use whatever name makes you comfortable but for the females in this house, we choose to use the word vulva.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Don't like it, my opinion on FB and the I like it status updates

I have had enough, and I just have to have my say here, cause every time I get on Facebook it annoys me to be bombarded with stupid status updates, yes this is another blog post to add to the many out there on breast cancer and the I like it status updates on Facebook.
I don't know who's idea it was to start the whole "I like it" thing on Facebook, but gee it is getting really annoying to everyday see people put up I like it on the kitchen bench, I like it on the table etc etc.... Can someone please explain to me how saying where we like to put our handbag, under the guise of how we like our sexual positions helps raises awareness about breast cancer...ummmm these status updates don't even mention the words breast or cancer?????

Please tell me how sexualising someones handbag spot has anything to do with breast cancer? I don't get it? What am I missing here? Also why do we have to make it about sex anyways ohhh it's so funny woman like to have sex giggle giggle giggle...grow up it's not funny and doesn't raise any awareness about the terrible killer that is breast cancer.

As a woman who has been through 2 surgeries to have 4 lumps cut out of her breasts, I find it insulting! I have twice now had to go through the process of mammograms, needle biopsy's and then the waiting on results to find out if I have cancer or not.. I have been blessed twice to have negative results however the lumps I had still had to be removed, they were still dangerous as they were growing throughout my breast tissue, the surgery's were scary and painful and both my breasts are left scared. My dear Aunty Val passed away a few years ago after having both her breasts as well as lymph nodes removed, she beat the first lot of cancer after her surgery and suffering through terrible chemo, but was tragically struck with a secondary cancer and passed away. The whole handbag /sex position, I feel cheapens her memory and I don't like it at all.

So before you tell me again that you disagree with me and that telling the whole of Facebook land where you like to leave your handbag as a sexual position really does raise breast cancer awareness I think you should consider some alternatives...if you really want people to be aware of breast cancer or you want to actually do something proactive to support the cause then please host a girls night in for breast cancer research...get together with some of your girlfriends and put the money you would of spent on a night out towards cancer research. Make a personal donation, go spend time in a cancer ward, tell a woman who is going through chemo or surgeries how stunningly beautiful she truly is, how brave and strong she is,tell her what an inspiration she is!!!!!
As a society can't we PLEASE just stop making everything about sex, frankly it makes me sick to see something as serious as breast cancer being cheapened in such a gratuitous unnecessary way. I love my Aunty Val. I miss her everyday and I would much rather do something important and hold my head high knowing I am contributing to helping find a cure then splashing stupid status updates on Facebook.I think this would make her proud.

On October the 29th I am holding a girls night in, all money raised will be going to the breast cancer research foundation, if your interested in coming along for a great night or want to make a personal donation,contact me on this blog or my Facebook page, together lets get proactive and actually do something towards fighting the fight and raising some real awareness!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Real men do ballet.....rant of an angry mummy

So usually I am a calm blogger who thinks through carefully about what I am going to say/write because I like to express myself in a certain way but right now I am SO FRIGGING ANGRY I just have to blog and get this out of my system before my head explodes with annoyance and with the feelings of total gender injustice!!!

So as most of you know my gorgeous son Peter who is 5 has started ballet lessons, in fact he had his first lesson yesterday and if I do say so myself looked incredibly sweet in his dance pants and ballet shoes I was so proud of him. He has been asking/begging for dance lessons periodically for about 6 months and at first I resisted thinking he would grow out of it to quickly changing his mind the way he changes his undies and if I am being honest I would say I also resisted because I was afraid of what people would say about him having the lessons, but the more he asked for them the more I began to see that ballet was something he was very passionate about and when my eldest brother Adam (who is very much a mans man football player soccor coach etc etc) said to me "if he wants to dance let him dance who the hell cares as long as his happy, I will come and watch him dance" I felt it a turning point in my attitude he was right the most important thing was that Peter was/is happy and if dancing makes him happy so be it. We looked around and with the input of Aunty Lanii (the dance queen) have found a local place that is really good with a great reputation. Peter was incredibly excited about his lesson yesterday and for a boy who can be a bit shy when trying new things he took to it with ease and had a ball. I am so happy that HE is happy...

Well I was happy until I told my mother about his lessons and that we had gone ahead with them for him she laughed and in a somewhat sarcastic tone informed me that it was "no surprise" that Peter would be dancing, then I got told that "he isn't really a sporty person and he will probably change his mind anyway, maybe he will do tennis since he will never play football" OH MY GOD!!!!! I was SO angry!!!!

And maybe it seems like I am airing "family dirty laundry" but ya know what this is my blog and I am annoyed and I gotta say what I feel. YES Peter is a sensitive and feminine boy YES he cries easily and NO he doesn't like football or rough play He would prefer to do craft then kick a ball or wrestle this doesn't make him any less of a boy, for frig sake we are talking about a 5 year old here I really don't think that ballet dancing is going to "turn" him gay, if he is gay he is gay dancing won't make or change that and that is something we will have to work through and process with him when he is older but for now how about we just let the little guy be happy and frigging DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If he is teased at school by other boys or bully's he will have the confidence and conviction to stand up for himself knowing that it is HIS choice to dance and that he is allowed to be who he is and he has the right to do what makes him happy (as long as he isn't hurting anyone or himself) and not be some created image of what society thinks a man is supposed to be, here's a heads up men can cry and still be men, men can dance and still be men and men can treat woman with kindness and respect and still be men. I am raising little men not sheep!!! I am proud of my boy and his choice and am happy he is off the couch getting some healthy exercise and most importantly he is having FUN doing what makes him happy and as a parent how can I want anything less for him..Thus end the rant!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

We are weaners!!! End of the breastfeeding journey.

So as most of you who follow along here on my little blog know I have been a breastfeeding mum for over a year now (go me!!)You all know the internal battle I experienced to get to a place where I was comfortable and confident enough to actually even try breastfeeding with Olivia. It had been a bit of a battle but I am so proud of myself as I worked very hard on getting through my emotional reservations and issues with breastfeeding.

Olivia and I have enjoyed a fabulous time boobing away for the first 14 months of her life, however a month ago I started feeling the desire to reclaim my body, after two pregnancies very close together (and I DO mean very close there is only 4 months between my pregnancy with Mikey and my pregnancy with Olivia)and breastfeeding for 14 months I really felt like I was loosing myself a bit and wanted to reclaim my body..including my boobies.

I have had a wonderful and loving experience breastfeeding Livvy-bug and although it was originally my plan to feed her until she was 2 years old physically and emotionally I have gotten to a place where I feel I am done. Olivia was no longer at a stage of having a breastfeed for a meal, as a newborn would be solely dependant on milk for there food requirements Olivia eats a massive range of foods and was only having a big drink at night and popping on and off the boob during the day for quick drinks, it became (if I am being honest) a bit frustrating for me to literally have her attach for 35 seconds so after discussion with my amazingly supportive hubby we decided to end our breast feeding relationship. Extremely happy in the knowledge that I have given her a wonderful and healthy natural start during the past month we have transitioned or weaned off the breast and onto a bottle for night time and a sippy cup for during the day.
Olivia has taken to it with gusto and enthusiasm which has made the whole process very easy. Her big sister Malinda has enjoy being able to share cuddles and give Livvy her night time bottle sometimes this is such a lovely sight for us as their parents to see.

Olivia and I would like to thank everyone who has supported encouraged and given us advice and help during our breastfeeding relationship, especially Meegs Beer, Sarah Mac, Sazz Langford and my hubby, Liv's Daddy David who has been amazingly supportive as he and I both did the learning and journey of feeding our daughter together.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy blogger returns with a new address!

so I have been insanely busy the past couple of months and as such my beloved blog has become very neglected, to be honest I have really struggled to find the time to just sit and write... and even as I am typing this post I am attempting to keep one eye on Mr Mikey who is currently trying to help himself to the pantry.

So the big news for team Tredinnick and probably the biggest thing that has kept me away from blogging is real estate. We decided to sell our home and upgrade to a bigger house as our family of 6 had really begun to out grow our 4 bedroom house with no back yard that the kids could play in. I had been feeling guilty for some time that the children didn't have a safe area to play outside as the retainer walls had fallen down in our backyard and with a quote of $30,000 to fix them (something we just didn't have at the time) they were left all over the yard and the children have been forced to only play indoors unless visiting a park. Then a couple of months ago hubby completely shocked me by suggesting we get an agent round to value the house and get it on the selling market,... to be honest I was really surprised by this seemingly out of the blue suggestion as hubby is not known for his spontaneous decisions and usually most things require months of thought and planning if he is going to make a change (I was to later find out he had been thinking about selling the house on and off for almost 2 yrs, so this explained so called spontaneity hee hee) after meeting with a couple of agents we decided on one and got to the business of making the house tidy and presentable for small feat given 4 children who liked to undo all the cleaning almost as soon as it was done. The day came when we have the photo's done and put on the net and the house went on the market on a Sunday night, on Monday morning we had an agent ringing asking if they could bring someone through that afternoon, sure no prob thinking I could whisk the kids down to the park for a bit while the agent was there 45 Min's later another phone call from another agent saying they also had a client wanting to look at the house, ok so I am thinking maybe I will take the kids to Macca's. It now appeared I was going to be out of the house all afternoon, I was also wondering how I was going to deal with having to take the kids out in the cold all the time when people wanted to look through and even more worrying was how was I going to attempt to keep the house clean with the kids at home. That afternoon when hubby came to pick us up from Macca's we had a phone call from one of the agents saying that the person they had taken to see the house wanted to buy it!!!!! We were totally flabbergasted to say the least we went down to the agent saw the offer that was submitted and decided it was to good to pass up and we signed contracts that night! Yes we sold our home in 24 HOURS!! So that solved the issue of how was I going to maintain the spotlessness with 4 children.

We needed to find a new home a lot faster then we thought, opting for a 90 day settlement gave us a bit more time to search for our new home, which we found 2 weeks later. Our dream house as I call it is amazing: 5 bedrooms big big big lounge room/family room/kids play area lots of bench space in the kitchen plus a "good" room which is really a parents only lounge room YAY!! but the best thing is a beautiful big backyard with an undercover area for the kids to play in summer or winter, there is room for our trampoline, basketball hoop and some play equipment. We have indulged in some new furniture to help fill some of the space in the new house including new chaise lounge suite, complete new bedroom suite for Malinda and also new dresser and beside tables for us and a bookshelf for the lounge room. I feel so at ease here and the family all adjusted to the move really easily including the 2 babies who settled in with no fuss at all.

Although this move has been a blessing all the paper work, time spent waiting on approval for this or that and dealing with conveyances who are rude and don't return phone calls had made me realise I don't want to move again anytime soon, which is a good thing because we all love our new home so much I cant imagine moving out of here for a loooonng time yet! I have so enjoyed the past two days with the little bit on sunshine we have had here in cold cold Melbourne as I have been able to spend time with the 2 littlest Tredinnicks outside playing in our new backyard whilst the older 2 Tredinnick children have been at school. I can't wait for summer to hit so we can enjoy BBQ's,entertaining and most of all enjoy hearing the sound of children laughing as they play together outside in the sunshine.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Olivia turns one!

 Okay so I have been totally run off my feet with school holidays and 4 children so have had no chance to blog about recent events including Livvy's 1st birthday party, Easter and school holiday madness and since Meegs has been sooking about my lack of blogging I thought I would try to do a couple of posts over the next day or so.

 I will start with Olivia's birthday and her party.
We had an amazing day despite my stress a couple days before that no one would show up for her party. We were blessed by Kintara and Adam who gave us pretty much all our party's supply of plates, cups, napkins and bowls thanks again guys it was a huge help. The plates were in the shape of Ladybugs and the cups and smaller plates had pictures of ladybugs on them they were awesome and of course if you haven't picked up on the theme we had a ladybug party as this is one of Livvy's nicknames. Red and black balloons floated around the house as we organised the backyard and lounge rooms ready for the party.

 I had made Olivia a red tutu and sewn on black spots. I also made her a headband with antena on them to
complete her outfit... it turned out great if I do say so myself hee hee. Some of the party guests also dressed up as ladybugs or other types of bugs or beetles. There was Drew who looked awesome in his bumble bee costume (and is now forever nicknamed Mr
Drew-bee), Peter was a silvery dragonfly, as well as that there were some other ladybugs, butterflies and a very cute centepede. The effort everyone went to was awesome and all the kids looked great.

 We had our very special friend Lanii come and take some beautiful photos on her big expensive camera which was very generous of her and the photos look great - thank you Lanii for do that for us oxox. 

My mum made the birthday cake...which was a point of many conversations/arguments of differing artistc opinions but in the end we settled on a  design and she did an absolutely fantastic job, the cake made me cry and I could not bring myself to cut the ladybug part as I thought it to pretty. A fantastic result Thanks mum.
 Livvy-bug received some very beautiful presents for her birthday from all her guests but one that is very very special was handmade by her Godmother Megan for her. It is a beautiful blanket with brightly coloured patch work squares. Livvy managed to christen it in the first week of having it by doing a poop on had since been washed and she cuddles up with it at night. A gorgeous present from a gorgeous lady.

 The party went off without a hitch lots of food and fun, pass the parcel and pin the tale on the donkey, free play and music. We all had an awesome day and want to say a massive thank you to all who came and celebrated Olivia's special day with us....I still cannot believe my baby is one time sure moves on.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Ladybug

It is almost Olivia the Ladybug's 1st birthday so I thought I would share part of her birth/life story thus far..yes she is only one so it shall be a short story but none the less an  important one.

Livvy was an unexpected gift to our family,for a while during my pregnancy I would say she was an accident or she was unplanned...but towards the end of my pregnancy I began to see that she was indeed no accident and she was very much planned out by God to enrich our family and grow our hearts. She was a very unexpected gift however and when I found out I was pregnant I went into complete shock and denial.

Yes to say I did not handle it well would be a massive understatment, I was recovering from having my appendix out and had a 4 month old baby, so another pregnancy was the last thing on my mind. However afetr feeling unwell for a few days and realising I was somewhat "late" I decided to take a home pregnancy test..I didn't tell my hubby because I was sure it was going to be negative and the tiredness and constant nausea I was experiencing was simply a stomach bug. However once I peed on the stick and those two lines of a positive test appeared I almost passed out,.then convinced myself it was a false positive...marching out to my husband I announced "well this says I am pregnant" thrusting the test at him. "Wow" was all he said, "I think its a false positive though there is no way I could be pregnant we have a 4 month old  baby". Off to the shops to get another test ( a 2 pack this time) more drinking more pee and yet another positive test!!! "No way" I exclaimmed "not possible". I went into complete denial mode I was a mess refusing to accept that I was indeed pregnant, even after 12 weeks of morning sickness no period and another positive pregnancy test.

Hubby decided he had had enough of my denial and took me to the doctors, after a check over he pulled out his trusty ultra sound machine squirted goo on my tummy and proceeded to show me my little growing ladybug there in my belly, I turn and look at him with the dumbest expression and say "oh so I really am pregnant"... the doctor looked back at me like I was a total dickhead " ummm yes Leesa your very pregnant at least 4 months along" I am sure he must of been thinking I was a total nutbag after all this was my 4th child I should know what pregnancy feels like lol but I had really concinced myself it was a phantom pregnancy and that my uterus would be empty completly devoid of any life...however Miss Olivia had other plans and I was angry how dare this person invade my body I hadn't given her permission to do so.

To say the next 9 months were tough would be a massive understatement..I batteled.. oh did I battle everyone and everything, I hated being pregnant, hated my body, hated God, my husband and as tough as it is to say this now, I hated my unborn baby.  Terrible motion sickness and cronic heartburn and high blood preasure did nothing to enhance my liking for this baby. The only thing gicing me some happiness was knowing that she was a girl (afer 2 boys I was so over blue) so shopping was a happy thing once again as my space got invaded with lots and lots of pink. Physically I continued to feel crappy and to make it worse she was now overdue, and I was very very over it. David had arranged to have 2 weeks off work his holidays were booked in and he was due to finish up work on the would be another 8 days before I could be induced thus in a way he would be "wasting" his paternaty leave because there would be no baby for a week of it, I was convinced bub's would not come on her own I have been induced with all 3 previous pregnancys and expected the same for the 4th.

The night of the 26th I sat on the bottom of the shower floor and sobbed, I sobbed my guts out like I never have before. Handing all my anxiety over to God in prayer I asked for his help...finally...probably should of done that about 8 months prior... but there I was a sobbing mess. I asked for Gods help I felt terrified I was never going to love my child, that she would know I had shown very little interest in her health or growth throughout the pregnancy and she would somehow know this and resent me. I wanted my baby I wanted to love her I just wasn't sure I would, that it would not happen as naturally as it was ment to. I sobbed some more crying a river of tears that had been stored up from the moment I peed on tht first pregnancy test at home. I told God of my need to have this baby soon that I could not wait for another8 days to go by before I could be induced that she needed to come out now,so David could be home with us the entire 2 weeks. I sobbed. until I was so exhusted all I could do was dry off from my shower and fall into bed I felt waves of relief wash over me, knowing that the baby and I were now in Gods hands I could sleep, I slept the sleep of the totally exhusted, but not for very long.

 Around 2am I awoke with a sharp pain through my back, oh great I think more fake labor they continued in and off for a while, "bugger this" I said to myself I got up out of bed went into the lounge room leaving hubby to sleep on. I watched t.v, folded laundry and tidied the kitchen as I breathed through some very minor contrations which were around 5 to 7 minutes apart. Because I had never "gone into labor" on my own before I wasn't even sure if this was the real thing, again I prayed "God if this is really labor give me a sign",...nothing spectacular happened, I went to the loo and there it was " a show" woo hoo I thought I am in labor and I did it all on my own. It was now 4am the pain wasn't bad but I thought I had better wake hubby I told him his daughter was on her way he was up and dressed in a flash...calm down hun she aint here yet I am going to have a shower I announce...David was worried and got me to call the hospital to explain where thing were at, "this is your 4th baby" the midwife says "hhmmm you better come in and let us check you over", darn it I really wanted the shower. So by the time we got a baby sitter and got to the hospital it was just after 5am, I am wisked up to the ward as my contractions start to get a little pinchy I am checked over and it is announced I am 7 and a half cm dialted GO ME!!!  I beg for a shower and the lovely midwife obliges. I labor on in there
for another hour when the midwife does a check on me I beg her "please break my waters once you do the baby will come straight out I know it". She gets a dotor who examines me and agrees it is safe for my waters to be broken.. (just as well as I had even offered the midwife a bribe of money to do it if the doctor says no..nope not kidding!!) I feel sweet relief as my waters break and I know I am on the home stretch. I stand up the midwife says I can deliever the baby this way if thats what I is, I am told to make sure I let them know when bubs is coming cause someone will need to catch her if I am in a standing position. No
problems I am woman, mother and birthing queen at this point I can do anything, with hubby standing in front of me my holding onto his sholders I feel the burning knowing my little princess is on her way out I say she is coming I push and bend down at the same time as her head emerges I reach down and deliever my own baby into my hands she comes wrinkly screamming beautiful life. I bring her up to my chest kissing her as I do so. David cuts the cord and I am ushered onto the bed where I can gaze apon the mirlce in my arms. Olivia Joy Valerie I say as David and I stare in amazement at each other and at our baby who is nuzzling round for a boob to attach to, 15 minutes after she is born she has latched onto my breast and remains there for the next little while.  Photo's are taken phone calls and text messages sent announcing the arrival of our princess,we call home to check on our other children who are all excited about meeting thier sister later on that day. 

 Olivia's birth was one of the most empowering things I have ever done, and although I had given birth to 3 other children her birthing experience remains the most powerful and wonderful one of all. This first year of our little ladybugs life seems to have passed extreamly quickly a fact that doesnot impress me at all. I am wanting to savor every moment with her, the kisses and cuddles the closesness of brestfeeding the joy she brings to my our whole family really. Olivia's name means peace, Joy, means happiness or joy and Valerie means strength, Olivia certainly fits her name, she has bought all these things into my heart and liffe and lives of those around her. 

 Thes past 12 months have come with ups and downs including a short hospital stay for Livvy who has a slightly enlarged heart, but is doing fine with it, lots of sleep issues but also lots of love,her dedication at church, funny moments and loads and loads of fun. I would not of survived this past year without the love and support of a very special person in mine and Olivia's life, her Godmother Megan, who has been an almost constant sorce of love and compassion, Olivia gets very excited and squeals if I say to her where is Aunty Meegs she knows Megan loves her and is always happy to dive into her arms for cuddles. Thank you Megan for taking such an important role in Livvy-bugs life.    

 As Ladybugs birthday draws closer I am reflective of the past and how much of a struggle it was to except she was on the way to join our family, our family seems to be complete now that Livvy is a part of it. I am so thankful and greatful for my happy healthy princess. I cannot imagine life without her except that it would be very incomplete.
 Happy First Birthday my darling I hope you feel spoilt, special and above all very very loved and wanted on your special day. All my love to you sweet baby girl!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am a sausage sizzle day helper.

Yesterday was sausage sizzle day at Peter's school and I had put my hand up to be a canteen helper for that morning. I was really nervous about this...why you might ask? Well  my past experience with helping out at Mini's school fundraisers were not very fun. The mothers can be very clicky with one and other and given I didn't know anyone well I was left out not even spoken to by the other mums. So I was hesitant to put my hand up but I really want to be involved with school activitys where posible so I decided to give it another shot. I am so so glad I did!!
 I had a great morning, there were about 8 or so other mum's and the canteen manager we all pitched in together and managed to get over 700 students thier orders of sausage sizzle, chips and a soft drink ready.  My jobs were napkin folder lol I folded 800 napkins in about 15 mins I am so hard core, lol, also I squished cardboard boxes that the drinks where in, I counted out slices of bread and helped divide them up among the lunch order baskets for each grade BOO YEAH!!! 
  Once all the baskets were packed it was delievery time I ofcourse swipped Peter's room basket promptly intent on dropping his basket off and being able to spy on him and maybe blow him a kiss (as he is a prep I can still get away with this I imagine by about grade 2 it wont be cool to have your mum blowing you kisses) however my grand plans were shot down by his Teacher Mrs H who opened the classroom door enough for her to reach out and take the basket from my arms thanking me she began to close the door.. but wait my internal mummy voice was screamming I didn't get to blow my kisses....oohhh I was so cross but I did peek through the window and saw my little man hard at work over his book. I am guessing she didn't want me interupting the classroom flow but gee I really wanted to be able to see my boy and after all it's all about me ...yeah right. 
  I continued on with more delieverys and was done about 20 minutes later. I was thanked several times for my contributions to the morning and I have to say I felt very appreciated and feel as thought I have made some new connections at the school, which is great. I was so worried I would not be even spoken to so to have several mum's not only acknowledge that I was there but engage in conversaton with me was wonderful. I will be raising my hand for helper again at the next "special lunch" and whilst I think canteen duty wont become a "love of my life" I did enjoy my experience and meeting new people.

 A big thanks to my bestie Sue who watched my two little cherubs at home for me so I could focus on what I was doing at school without fussing with 2 babies, Sue even did my dishes what a legendary chickee babe!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mikey Turns 2

Yesterday was our Little man Mikey's, 2nd birthday. We decided to celebrate with a small
afternoon tea with our family and a couple of close friends..despite our thinking it would be a small event once you add our 4 children, Bestie Meegs 3 boys and our good friends Kat and Andys 2 children your up to 9 children within 3 familys so small goes to big and loud quickly, but also creates lots and lots of fun and laughter.

Mikey had a wonderful morning playing with his new car mat and cars or as he calls it his "road road"  after play time and lunch it was a quick nap before his friends and Nanna L arrived with the birthday cakes she had made for Michael.

After he had awoken from his nap and exclaimed with joy over his Makka Pakka cake, his guests started to arrive and the fun began. Michael had a wonderful time playing with Drew and Justin with his new car garage and dancing to his wiggles dvd from Uncle Adam and Aunty Pam. 
Like most partys the food was a huge hit with the kids and it wasn't long before all the chips lollys and cupcakes were gone and the sasuage rolls and pies were snatched up quickly...the adults needing to move quick in competition with our little ones appetites. 
The adults well.... the male adults got into a discussion about poker and the rules and merits of the game whilst the females chatted about parenting styles schools and tried to resolve the mior disagreement that popped up as 9 children played together.

 Soon enough it was time for cake and singing Happy Birthday which Mikey loved he danced along as we sung to him and gave himself a round of applause shouting hooray it was incredibly sweet. 

The tireds were setting in amounst the kiddies as it hit 4pm and the afternoon tea slowly wound down. We all had a wonderful time and want to thank everyone for coming and for Mieys gifts. He finished the day with a warm bubble bath and then some "tato gems' (potato gems) for dinner. Thanks to those who helped us celebrate our lil mans day and for your birthday wishes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sue's Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was one of my besties Sue's birthday, we (Meegs and I ) surprised her with a celebration dinner at Stack's,... for those of you who don't know Stacks is the most awesomest pancake place in Melbourne with seriously scrummy foods, it is a fav place of ours so Meegs and I thought it only fitting to have dinner here for Sue's
birthday. Unknown to Sue was that we had invited another good friend of ours along to join our little party and that we had gotten there early with balloons, a birthday banner and a birthday crown to set up a fun party table for her. It was funny watching her reaction as she saw what we had done, Sue pretending to be embarassed was really funny cause she doesn't get shy generally, but watching her hide at the door was hilarious.

 We all had a fab night and it was fun to spoil a terriffic chick who totally deserves it cause she is always spoiling someone else. Some of the birthday loot incuded flowers chocolates and a pretty necklace. As usual the food was amazing and Kat and Sue decided to try a cocktail called a Mad hatter, these were very cool looking and yummy (but strong) tasting drinks. The night was filled with lots of chatter, some wine love and lots and lots of laughter. Love you Sue and we hope you had a great night, we sure did.

 Now here are some things you need to know about Sue:
 Sue talks during movies,.. which I love because I do the same thing and it helps me process what I am watching,...also we just love to talk

She is my eldest son's Godmother, whom he choose for himself and I think it is just awesome to see them together he loves her very much.

She has a very wicked sense of humor and is quick with a quip.

Sue is incredibly generous with her time, helping people out with lifts to the doctors, house cleanning and babysitting whenever she can, all this while working and being a mum to 4 of her own children.

She can order food at the movies using an English accent and not laugh, it's really funny.

Sue is a fun loving, life is for living kind of woman, she is passionate, caring, sensitive (but doesn't cry) loving, generous a wonderful best friend, fantastic mum, woman of God who is someone that I admire respect and love.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost 2 and all about Mikey

Since Master Mikey is about to turn 2 I decided that this post would be dedicated to him and share some random facts about him as I did when it was master 5 birthday.

Mikey's daddy chose his name when I was about 4 months pregnant and we both fell in love with it. From then on we refered to him as Michael when he was born the name fit him perfectly.

Michael has had 1 hair cut in his entire 2 years, he has the most amazing loong blond curly hair and we intend to keep growing it...and yes I do get told what a pretty little girl I have but we don't mind.

He was by far the easiest and shortest labour and delivery I have had (3 hours from start to finish)

I found out I was pregnant with Mikey whilst at Hillsong ( A christian conference my old church attends in Sydney) We were so excited that by then end of the day about 100 people knew.. all before our families!

Mikey's latest trick is to look very cute and hum when he is in trouble, I am not sure what made him start doing this but it is very funny and as soon as I say his name if I am correcting him or if he goes into our office which he knows he isn't allowed in he will hum when he sees me and looks very innocent, it is very hard to be cross when he does this, and I think he has worked this out.

Michael is VERY affectionate and protective of his little sister, we were all worried he would be very jealous of her given there is only 12 months between them but he loves her to bits and pats her like a dog saying "my bubba"

He loves the night garden...I do not,

Mikey has pooped more times in the bath then the 3 other children put together...seriously he does it like once a fortnight and it is really gross and then he cries "yuck yuck" well don't poop in the bath then!!!!

Mikey loves to draw and we need to be very careful about leaving anything he can draw with lying about as he will draw on the walls, t.v or carpet, currently our lounge room wall has black texta all over it mixed with red pencil and some eyeliner pencil,..nice job buddy.

He is very much an out doors boy and will spend hours playing outside with his toy car, or in the cubby house both of which are very much loves of his life. He also enjoys the parks nearby and as we walk or drive past one he will shout out "go play go play" it is adorable.

Michael gave us a huge scare when he was a couple weeks old, he was diagnosed with have low muscle tone,it took a long time for him to be strong enough to gain weight and strengthen up but as of his 12 month check in with his paediatrician he has developed normal muscle tone and is a strong healthy boy.
Michael has the sweetest most easy going personality out of all 4 of our children, he would be the most relaxed. He is incredibly loved by his family and extended family friends. Mikey has a great giggle, gives wonderful hugs and is a huge blessing to our family.

Little man as you head toward your 2nd birthday know that you are loved, your family adore you for the wonderful unique and special little boy you are. I thank God for your presence in my life,darling son you are loved.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovely Bugs is born.

Ever since I got my sewing machine a couple years ago friends and strangers have commented to me about things I make especially the toys and blankets I have made for the babies, I often get told you should start a business or you should sell those, after much encouragement from my husband and friends "LOVELY BUGS" handmade toys and goods has been born. This is the name I have chosen to use for my goodies as you all know I love ladybugs things. I have been thinking of diving in and doing this for a while but wanted to have some stock ready to go.
Now this may totally turn out to be a wasted venture and completely suck but I figure you never know till you try and I love being creative and making things so this will give me the opportunity to do so, and if it fails well you'll all be getting hand made gifts for your birthdays and your children's birthdays. My motivation for doing this is not money, anyone who knows me well will already know this. I simply love to sew and create things and this is giving me motivation and a positive and productive outlet to do so.

My kids and I are totally hooked on taggies..(blankets, balls and toys with ribbons on them) and I have made a variety of these in different colours
and sizes. I also make children's tutu's, crinkle toys (toys that make that lovely scrunchy noise baby's love so much) and very cute head bands. Library bags and toiletry bags, loofa's and wheat (heat) bags in different sizes and colours for males and females. I am currently working on a facebook page for Lovely bugs should be up and running tomorrow at some point the page will have more photo's and information. So check it out if you wanna.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Megan says: Oh you're just a SAHM? I don't think so!

Recently i have felt that my "status" in society has been questioned. I know I know, here goes another stay at home mum having a rant about how people think less of her! But seriously SAHM does not stand for Stay at home Moron!
Why do some people think that because i choose to stay at home, and am very blessed to be in the situation that its a choice, that my brain has gone AWOL and I have no idea what is happening in the "real" world?
Why do they think that I can't hold a decent conversation without reverting to baby talk?
Why can I not have a valid opinion on a topic?
Why do they think that my life revolves only around my children and cooking and cleaning.

Yes, my children are my focus literally 24 hrs a day. But working mum's focus on their children 24 hrs a day too. Usually they are working to provide for their children. I am not saying that I am any better or worse than working mums. I myself have been a working mum and its bloody hard!

But just because I stay at home I still think and choose and try to better myself and broaden my horizons so to speak!

And here's a statement that is very hard to admit too sometimes. I like being a SAHM! Shock horror, i said it! Not because I'm lazy, definitely not, but because I like being
able to take my kids to school, pick them up, help with homework, do reading at school and be with my toddler all day.
I have the choice to do that and i relish that!

Here's something else that's a bit shocking to some, i breastfeed my toddler! How very hippy of me! And I enjoy it, its our special time together 1st thing in the morning and just before bed. Just him and I, relaxing together, one on one. If you think there is no benefit to it for him or me so be it. I don't really care! If you don't agree, okay, your choice. if you don't like me for it, that's okay too! I'll just grow my own people, cos i can do that! LOL

I like my husband being the head of my home! I don't want that responsibility thank you very much! We discuss everything together and make our decisions together but if there was to be a title as such, he can have it!

However my kids aren't the only thing I have in my life. I have family that I love dearly and like to spend time with. I have AMAZING friends in my life, some with kids, some without, some married, some single, some old, some young. I am friends with people who work , stay at home, have religious beliefs, are atheists, are gay and straight. I don't care what you do or don't do, I don't judge you, that's not my place, if i like you its for you!

My integrity has been questioned recently too. Through this trying time I have realised a few things that have been a long time coming.
I AM a dece
nt person
I AM forgivi
I AM a good friend/ daughter/ granddaughter/
I am strong enough to stand up for what i believe in! WOOHOO!
I can admit when i was wrong and am willing to listen to others opinions on matters that are important to them or me.
I am not faultless and I am not intending to sound that way. I am after all only human! But I am willing to admit my mistakes.

Anyway, that is my vent for today!
If you have read this, thank you for taking the time to do so!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peter's first day at "big school" 2010

Peter had his first day of big school last week. He started on Thursday and unfortunately it was not a great start. He began the morning very excited all happy smiles ready to go to preps and meet some new friends and see his teacher Miss H again. Daddy drove Mummy Peter and the two bubba's up to the school dropping us of at the front car park with 10 minutes till bell time having previously been told that the prep grades would be starting at 9am along with the rest of the grades. As it turned out there was some miss-communication between staff and admin and school for preps didn't actually start till 9:30am, this messed with us a bit because mummy had the babies to contend with as well as an emotional 5 year old for the next half an hour.
We passed the time with a wonder rounds the playground and a couple of rice crackers I had stashed in the pram (thank god!!) Finally the big moment arrived ,the classroom door opened and out stepped a complete stranger!!!! Peter looked at me and I back at him as we listened to an announcement saying Miss H was not well and unable to be at school you can imagine this did not go down well with the parents or students and Peter built up his tantrum from a level 5 to a full blown level 10!!!! Once I got him inside the classroom and we had his bag and hat on its hook I got him seated on the mat with the other children and with the help of the teachers aid I managed to de-tangle myself from him and leave him crying, yes I felt like a crappy mother but I also knew that within 2 minutes of my leaving he would of stopped and settled a lot better then if I had stayed there..(which is exactly what happened) As I walked the short distance home I asked God to watch over my boy and to help me be calm. It began to rain just as we reached the house and continued to do so for most of the day. I felt very sad for the preppies who had been looking forward to starting school with their teacher ready for a big adventure and the teacher was away and now it was raining spoiling any chance of outside play for them. When I picked my very tired boy up at the end of the day he was excited to tell me about what he had done and handed me his newsletters like a very grown up boy *sigh* gone was my baby and replaced was a big boy who had bravely taken his first steps towards the very long years of schooling ahead. I was very proud of him.
This afternoon as we prepare for the school week ahead packing lunch boxes and ironing uniforms I am really hoping and praying for a much better start to the school week for Peter and all the other
preps in his grade. Thankfully Miss H will be back on Monday and I know Peter is very excited to see her again. Thanks to all on Facebook for your good wishes for Peter he really like being read out your messages.

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