Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost 2 and all about Mikey

Since Master Mikey is about to turn 2 I decided that this post would be dedicated to him and share some random facts about him as I did when it was master 5 birthday.

Mikey's daddy chose his name when I was about 4 months pregnant and we both fell in love with it. From then on we refered to him as Michael when he was born the name fit him perfectly.

Michael has had 1 hair cut in his entire 2 years, he has the most amazing loong blond curly hair and we intend to keep growing it...and yes I do get told what a pretty little girl I have but we don't mind.

He was by far the easiest and shortest labour and delivery I have had (3 hours from start to finish)

I found out I was pregnant with Mikey whilst at Hillsong ( A christian conference my old church attends in Sydney) We were so excited that by then end of the day about 100 people knew.. all before our families!

Mikey's latest trick is to look very cute and hum when he is in trouble, I am not sure what made him start doing this but it is very funny and as soon as I say his name if I am correcting him or if he goes into our office which he knows he isn't allowed in he will hum when he sees me and looks very innocent, it is very hard to be cross when he does this, and I think he has worked this out.

Michael is VERY affectionate and protective of his little sister, we were all worried he would be very jealous of her given there is only 12 months between them but he loves her to bits and pats her like a dog saying "my bubba"

He loves the night garden...I do not,

Mikey has pooped more times in the bath then the 3 other children put together...seriously he does it like once a fortnight and it is really gross and then he cries "yuck yuck" well don't poop in the bath then!!!!

Mikey loves to draw and we need to be very careful about leaving anything he can draw with lying about as he will draw on the walls, t.v or carpet, currently our lounge room wall has black texta all over it mixed with red pencil and some eyeliner pencil,..nice job buddy.

He is very much an out doors boy and will spend hours playing outside with his toy car, or in the cubby house both of which are very much loves of his life. He also enjoys the parks nearby and as we walk or drive past one he will shout out "go play go play" it is adorable.

Michael gave us a huge scare when he was a couple weeks old, he was diagnosed with have low muscle tone,it took a long time for him to be strong enough to gain weight and strengthen up but as of his 12 month check in with his paediatrician he has developed normal muscle tone and is a strong healthy boy.
Michael has the sweetest most easy going personality out of all 4 of our children, he would be the most relaxed. He is incredibly loved by his family and extended family friends. Mikey has a great giggle, gives wonderful hugs and is a huge blessing to our family.

Little man as you head toward your 2nd birthday know that you are loved, your family adore you for the wonderful unique and special little boy you are. I thank God for your presence in my life,darling son you are loved.


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