Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mikey Turns 2

Yesterday was our Little man Mikey's, 2nd birthday. We decided to celebrate with a small
afternoon tea with our family and a couple of close friends..despite our thinking it would be a small event once you add our 4 children, Bestie Meegs 3 boys and our good friends Kat and Andys 2 children your up to 9 children within 3 familys so small goes to big and loud quickly, but also creates lots and lots of fun and laughter.

Mikey had a wonderful morning playing with his new car mat and cars or as he calls it his "road road"  after play time and lunch it was a quick nap before his friends and Nanna L arrived with the birthday cakes she had made for Michael.

After he had awoken from his nap and exclaimed with joy over his Makka Pakka cake, his guests started to arrive and the fun began. Michael had a wonderful time playing with Drew and Justin with his new car garage and dancing to his wiggles dvd from Uncle Adam and Aunty Pam. 
Like most partys the food was a huge hit with the kids and it wasn't long before all the chips lollys and cupcakes were gone and the sasuage rolls and pies were snatched up quickly...the adults needing to move quick in competition with our little ones appetites. 
The adults well.... the male adults got into a discussion about poker and the rules and merits of the game whilst the females chatted about parenting styles schools and tried to resolve the mior disagreement that popped up as 9 children played together.

 Soon enough it was time for cake and singing Happy Birthday which Mikey loved he danced along as we sung to him and gave himself a round of applause shouting hooray it was incredibly sweet. 

The tireds were setting in amounst the kiddies as it hit 4pm and the afternoon tea slowly wound down. We all had a wonderful time and want to thank everyone for coming and for Mieys gifts. He finished the day with a warm bubble bath and then some "tato gems' (potato gems) for dinner. Thanks to those who helped us celebrate our lil mans day and for your birthday wishes.


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