Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Don't like it, my opinion on FB and the I like it status updates

I have had enough, and I just have to have my say here, cause every time I get on Facebook it annoys me to be bombarded with stupid status updates, yes this is another blog post to add to the many out there on breast cancer and the I like it status updates on Facebook.
I don't know who's idea it was to start the whole "I like it" thing on Facebook, but gee it is getting really annoying to everyday see people put up I like it on the kitchen bench, I like it on the table etc etc.... Can someone please explain to me how saying where we like to put our handbag, under the guise of how we like our sexual positions helps raises awareness about breast cancer...ummmm these status updates don't even mention the words breast or cancer?????

Please tell me how sexualising someones handbag spot has anything to do with breast cancer? I don't get it? What am I missing here? Also why do we have to make it about sex anyways ohhh it's so funny woman like to have sex giggle giggle giggle...grow up it's not funny and doesn't raise any awareness about the terrible killer that is breast cancer.

As a woman who has been through 2 surgeries to have 4 lumps cut out of her breasts, I find it insulting! I have twice now had to go through the process of mammograms, needle biopsy's and then the waiting on results to find out if I have cancer or not.. I have been blessed twice to have negative results however the lumps I had still had to be removed, they were still dangerous as they were growing throughout my breast tissue, the surgery's were scary and painful and both my breasts are left scared. My dear Aunty Val passed away a few years ago after having both her breasts as well as lymph nodes removed, she beat the first lot of cancer after her surgery and suffering through terrible chemo, but was tragically struck with a secondary cancer and passed away. The whole handbag /sex position, I feel cheapens her memory and I don't like it at all.

So before you tell me again that you disagree with me and that telling the whole of Facebook land where you like to leave your handbag as a sexual position really does raise breast cancer awareness I think you should consider some alternatives...if you really want people to be aware of breast cancer or you want to actually do something proactive to support the cause then please host a girls night in for breast cancer research...get together with some of your girlfriends and put the money you would of spent on a night out towards cancer research. Make a personal donation, go spend time in a cancer ward, tell a woman who is going through chemo or surgeries how stunningly beautiful she truly is, how brave and strong she is,tell her what an inspiration she is!!!!!
As a society can't we PLEASE just stop making everything about sex, frankly it makes me sick to see something as serious as breast cancer being cheapened in such a gratuitous unnecessary way. I love my Aunty Val. I miss her everyday and I would much rather do something important and hold my head high knowing I am contributing to helping find a cure then splashing stupid status updates on Facebook.I think this would make her proud.

On October the 29th I am holding a girls night in, all money raised will be going to the breast cancer research foundation, if your interested in coming along for a great night or want to make a personal donation,contact me on this blog or my Facebook page, together lets get proactive and actually do something towards fighting the fight and raising some real awareness!

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