Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am a sausage sizzle day helper.

Yesterday was sausage sizzle day at Peter's school and I had put my hand up to be a canteen helper for that morning. I was really nervous about this...why you might ask? Well  my past experience with helping out at Mini's school fundraisers were not very fun. The mothers can be very clicky with one and other and given I didn't know anyone well I was left out not even spoken to by the other mums. So I was hesitant to put my hand up but I really want to be involved with school activitys where posible so I decided to give it another shot. I am so so glad I did!!
 I had a great morning, there were about 8 or so other mum's and the canteen manager we all pitched in together and managed to get over 700 students thier orders of sausage sizzle, chips and a soft drink ready.  My jobs were napkin folder lol I folded 800 napkins in about 15 mins I am so hard core, lol, also I squished cardboard boxes that the drinks where in, I counted out slices of bread and helped divide them up among the lunch order baskets for each grade BOO YEAH!!! 
  Once all the baskets were packed it was delievery time I ofcourse swipped Peter's room basket promptly intent on dropping his basket off and being able to spy on him and maybe blow him a kiss (as he is a prep I can still get away with this I imagine by about grade 2 it wont be cool to have your mum blowing you kisses) however my grand plans were shot down by his Teacher Mrs H who opened the classroom door enough for her to reach out and take the basket from my arms thanking me she began to close the door.. but wait my internal mummy voice was screamming I didn't get to blow my kisses....oohhh I was so cross but I did peek through the window and saw my little man hard at work over his book. I am guessing she didn't want me interupting the classroom flow but gee I really wanted to be able to see my boy and after all it's all about me ...yeah right. 
  I continued on with more delieverys and was done about 20 minutes later. I was thanked several times for my contributions to the morning and I have to say I felt very appreciated and feel as thought I have made some new connections at the school, which is great. I was so worried I would not be even spoken to so to have several mum's not only acknowledge that I was there but engage in conversaton with me was wonderful. I will be raising my hand for helper again at the next "special lunch" and whilst I think canteen duty wont become a "love of my life" I did enjoy my experience and meeting new people.

 A big thanks to my bestie Sue who watched my two little cherubs at home for me so I could focus on what I was doing at school without fussing with 2 babies, Sue even did my dishes what a legendary chickee babe!!

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  1. My Mum was canteen manager at our primary school...good times



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