Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy blogger returns with a new address!

so I have been insanely busy the past couple of months and as such my beloved blog has become very neglected, to be honest I have really struggled to find the time to just sit and write... and even as I am typing this post I am attempting to keep one eye on Mr Mikey who is currently trying to help himself to the pantry.

So the big news for team Tredinnick and probably the biggest thing that has kept me away from blogging is real estate. We decided to sell our home and upgrade to a bigger house as our family of 6 had really begun to out grow our 4 bedroom house with no back yard that the kids could play in. I had been feeling guilty for some time that the children didn't have a safe area to play outside as the retainer walls had fallen down in our backyard and with a quote of $30,000 to fix them (something we just didn't have at the time) they were left all over the yard and the children have been forced to only play indoors unless visiting a park. Then a couple of months ago hubby completely shocked me by suggesting we get an agent round to value the house and get it on the selling market,... to be honest I was really surprised by this seemingly out of the blue suggestion as hubby is not known for his spontaneous decisions and usually most things require months of thought and planning if he is going to make a change (I was to later find out he had been thinking about selling the house on and off for almost 2 yrs, so this explained so called spontaneity hee hee) after meeting with a couple of agents we decided on one and got to the business of making the house tidy and presentable for sale...no small feat given 4 children who liked to undo all the cleaning almost as soon as it was done. The day came when we have the photo's done and put on the net and the house went on the market on a Sunday night, on Monday morning we had an agent ringing asking if they could bring someone through that afternoon, sure no prob thinking I could whisk the kids down to the park for a bit while the agent was there 45 Min's later another phone call from another agent saying they also had a client wanting to look at the house, ok so I am thinking maybe I will take the kids to Macca's. It now appeared I was going to be out of the house all afternoon, I was also wondering how I was going to deal with having to take the kids out in the cold all the time when people wanted to look through and even more worrying was how was I going to attempt to keep the house clean with the kids at home. That afternoon when hubby came to pick us up from Macca's we had a phone call from one of the agents saying that the person they had taken to see the house wanted to buy it!!!!! We were totally flabbergasted to say the least we went down to the agent saw the offer that was submitted and decided it was to good to pass up and we signed contracts that night! Yes we sold our home in 24 HOURS!! So that solved the issue of how was I going to maintain the spotlessness with 4 children.

We needed to find a new home a lot faster then we thought, opting for a 90 day settlement gave us a bit more time to search for our new home, which we found 2 weeks later. Our dream house as I call it is amazing: 5 bedrooms big big big lounge room/family room/kids play area lots of bench space in the kitchen plus a "good" room which is really a parents only lounge room YAY!! but the best thing is a beautiful big backyard with an undercover area for the kids to play in summer or winter, there is room for our trampoline, basketball hoop and some play equipment. We have indulged in some new furniture to help fill some of the space in the new house including new chaise lounge suite, complete new bedroom suite for Malinda and also new dresser and beside tables for us and a bookshelf for the lounge room. I feel so at ease here and the family all adjusted to the move really easily including the 2 babies who settled in with no fuss at all.

Although this move has been a blessing all the paper work, time spent waiting on approval for this or that and dealing with conveyances who are rude and don't return phone calls had made me realise I don't want to move again anytime soon, which is a good thing because we all love our new home so much I cant imagine moving out of here for a loooonng time yet! I have so enjoyed the past two days with the little bit on sunshine we have had here in cold cold Melbourne as I have been able to spend time with the 2 littlest Tredinnicks outside playing in our new backyard whilst the older 2 Tredinnick children have been at school. I can't wait for summer to hit so we can enjoy BBQ's,entertaining and most of all enjoy hearing the sound of children laughing as they play together outside in the sunshine.


  1. WOOT WOOT a new post!!!

  2. Yay, welcome back to blogland ;)
    I saw the realestate pics of your new home, when Sue linked it on fb, fabulous!!



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