Monday, March 8, 2010

Sue's Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was one of my besties Sue's birthday, we (Meegs and I ) surprised her with a celebration dinner at Stack's,... for those of you who don't know Stacks is the most awesomest pancake place in Melbourne with seriously scrummy foods, it is a fav place of ours so Meegs and I thought it only fitting to have dinner here for Sue's
birthday. Unknown to Sue was that we had invited another good friend of ours along to join our little party and that we had gotten there early with balloons, a birthday banner and a birthday crown to set up a fun party table for her. It was funny watching her reaction as she saw what we had done, Sue pretending to be embarassed was really funny cause she doesn't get shy generally, but watching her hide at the door was hilarious.

 We all had a fab night and it was fun to spoil a terriffic chick who totally deserves it cause she is always spoiling someone else. Some of the birthday loot incuded flowers chocolates and a pretty necklace. As usual the food was amazing and Kat and Sue decided to try a cocktail called a Mad hatter, these were very cool looking and yummy (but strong) tasting drinks. The night was filled with lots of chatter, some wine love and lots and lots of laughter. Love you Sue and we hope you had a great night, we sure did.

 Now here are some things you need to know about Sue:
 Sue talks during movies,.. which I love because I do the same thing and it helps me process what I am watching,...also we just love to talk

She is my eldest son's Godmother, whom he choose for himself and I think it is just awesome to see them together he loves her very much.

She has a very wicked sense of humor and is quick with a quip.

Sue is incredibly generous with her time, helping people out with lifts to the doctors, house cleanning and babysitting whenever she can, all this while working and being a mum to 4 of her own children.

She can order food at the movies using an English accent and not laugh, it's really funny.

Sue is a fun loving, life is for living kind of woman, she is passionate, caring, sensitive (but doesn't cry) loving, generous a wonderful best friend, fantastic mum, woman of God who is someone that I admire respect and love.


  1. And she can smell a poopy nappy from a mile away and will change it for you too! Love you Sue!

  2. Ohhh Leesa I had tears well up then. But dammit I didn't cry. So close yet so far away cos that should have done it. You are way too too nice to me. I feel very humbled by such kind words and affections. But I'll lap up every bit of and I know you are very genuine with all that you have said of me. And yet Meegs I can smell a poopy nappy from afar. I'm a bit like a shark smelling blood. hehe I am very glad in the end it was just the 4 of us having an intimate celebration of my birthday. I felt very comfortable and spoiled by you all. Thank you and Meegs so much for going to all that trouble to spoil lit'l ol' me. Love my bestie's so so much. xx



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