Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovely Bugs is born.

Ever since I got my sewing machine a couple years ago friends and strangers have commented to me about things I make especially the toys and blankets I have made for the babies, I often get told you should start a business or you should sell those, after much encouragement from my husband and friends "LOVELY BUGS" handmade toys and goods has been born. This is the name I have chosen to use for my goodies as you all know I love ladybugs things. I have been thinking of diving in and doing this for a while but wanted to have some stock ready to go.
Now this may totally turn out to be a wasted venture and completely suck but I figure you never know till you try and I love being creative and making things so this will give me the opportunity to do so, and if it fails well you'll all be getting hand made gifts for your birthdays and your children's birthdays. My motivation for doing this is not money, anyone who knows me well will already know this. I simply love to sew and create things and this is giving me motivation and a positive and productive outlet to do so.

My kids and I are totally hooked on taggies..(blankets, balls and toys with ribbons on them) and I have made a variety of these in different colours
and sizes. I also make children's tutu's, crinkle toys (toys that make that lovely scrunchy noise baby's love so much) and very cute head bands. Library bags and toiletry bags, loofa's and wheat (heat) bags in different sizes and colours for males and females. I am currently working on a facebook page for Lovely bugs should be up and running tomorrow at some point the page will have more photo's and information. So check it out if you wanna.


  1. Oh how exciting, are you doing this with Sarah? She's been talking to us about doing this kinda thing for ages....great idea ladies, good luck ;)

  2. Thanks Jen,nope just doing it on my own starting small LOL, I am looking at going to things like car boot sales and fetes etc seeing how it goes certainly not interested at this point in doing anyting big like a full on market stall, its more for fun. Thanks for the support!!! xox

  3. Well whatever happens with your level of success, you have my full support and love. All that matters is that you are giving something a go and that you enjoy doing it! xx
    ps I am able to log on and comment on Mick pc xxx

  4. You are so awesomely talented! Good on you for using the gifts God gave you! Oh and i am putting in an order now for a tutu, headband and pink taggie for my future daughter!xxx



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