Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 a summary of Team Tredinnick

So this is my last post for 2009 which is sort of funny given that it is only my 3rd time on here.
I thought I would post some of the highlights and events that have happened to Team Tredinnick along with some photo's of various things that we have done through out this year.

So to start at the start would be January this year and I turned the "big thirty" which was not nearly as traumatic as I had thought it would be, I celebrated with a small party with some close friends and family...originally I had thought of having a massive bash for my 30th but given I was very pregnant with Olivia we opted for a smaller do insted which was really perfect. We also celebrated Peters 4th birthday with a pirate themed party along with some kinder friends which was lots of fun.

Moving along to March and our baby boy Mikey turned one which was so exciting, we celebrated with an Elmo (Michael's fav) themed party and Nanny was clever enough to make an awesome Elmo cake. Mikey had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. 2 weeks later on March 27th we welcomed baby Olivia Joy Valerie Tredinnick into our family. She was born at Frankston Hospital after a relativly relaxed 5 hour labor (3 at home 2 at the hosptial), I had a wonderful birth experience with Olivia as I gave birth standing up and delievered her myself, it was a very empowering and special moment for us.

Michael's First Birthday     Livvy 15 minutes old

During the next 3 months we had some medical ups and downs and small devestations, Mikey who was born with Hypo-tonia..(meaning low muscle tone) was given the "all clear" by his peadeatrition his muscles have developed and strengthened to that of a "normal" 21 month old and the weakness throughout his body has completly disapeared. Olivia was admitted to hospital after turning blue several times after lots of tests and 2 sleepless nights it was discovered that Livvy had an arithmia and an enlarged heart and that it would need to be monitered. Needless to say we were devestated and spent lots of time on our knees talking to God. After several trips to peadeatritions, cardiologists and the genetics clinic Liv's arithmia had disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared and the enlargement of her heart was delcared transient and that she would "grow into it". Myself and Olivia also spent a week in the mother and baby unit at Rosebud hospital to help establish breastfeeding and sleeping as well as some time for mummy who had developed post natal depression and was a little overwhelmed at the time.

On June 15th Malinda turned 10 and it was hard for me to accept that my "baby girl" was growing up. Malinda's highlight of her birthday was recieving her very own mobile phone, mummy and daddy were very impressed that her first lot of phone credit lasted 10 days!

Malinda on her 10th Birthday

Once the first part of the year was through and the birthday rush was done life settled down into a comfortable routine. The 3 littlest Tredinnicks and I continued with going to playgroup which has been so much fun this year.

I have done a lot of sewing and craft projects this year and have made clothing for all the children as well as baby wraps for myself, Peter and Megan, several soft "taggie" blankets as well as "crinkle toys and books. Sewing and crafting continues to be a great love of my life, I have really enjoyed the time with my sewing machine.

various craft projects undertaken this year....some more successful then others.

I also hosted my very first Pink Girls Night In for breast cancer awareness, it was an awesome night with 13 ladies turning up we raised just under $160 for breast cancer research and had a wonderful girls night in complete with pink chamagne and boobie shapped truffles made by my best friend Megan.

Another highlight/love of my life is vampires espcially the Twilight series and I was wrapped that New Moon was released at the movies this year...I have seen it 3 times at the cinemas and am very proud of that effort. A bunch of us Twilight friend fans went out to dinner and drinks first then headed over to the cinemas to watch New Moon for the first time. Complete with a Team Edward sign that I made and carried proudly with my best buddy Team Edward supporter Sue. My awesomely wonderful husband also gave me a signed collectors addition poster of New Moon pictures it is framed and is an absoulute love of my life as is my hubbyxox

Dinner before New MoonMy signHubbys awesome surprise present
Olivia was dedicated at church this was a beautiful night spent in the presence of God with family, friends and Olivia's wonderful Godmother Megan.

Olivia in her beautiful dedication dress

This year has been a year ending and new beginings for our 2 eldest children. Malinda has completed the primary school section of her schooling and is moving into middle school next year. She recieved a lovely graduation certificate. Peter has graduated from 4 year old kinder complete with graduation ceremony and christmas party. He will be starting his first year of primary school next year at Langwarrin Park Primary and is very very excited. He has completed his transition days at "big school" and eagerly awaits the day he can put on his uniform and head off to school. Mummy is looking forward to this as well.

Now we are here December 31st 2009 and it is 11:46pm so I will just get this up in time, but with no spell check so it will probaly be full of my bad spelling mistakes, but hey thats what the edit button is for.I have spent the night dropping in on people first Megan and Dave, then my mothers and a very quick visit to Sarah and the rainbow fairy crew. 3 out of 4 children are sound asleep and Miss Malinda is on the couch drawing Hubby and I are each hunched over our individual laptops, like we so often are a big nerdy couple.

Wishing everyone an awesome 2010 I hope wishes come true, hearts are not broken, children are healthy, families are happy, friendship continues to bloom and most of I wish you all love and that the desires of your hearts come to be in 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Water fights, crazy quotes and a timtam bicky

I am very excited as I just discovered that I can change the text colour in which the writting on my blog appears which I think is very very cool...(yes I am that lame). Today has been a bloody stinking hot day and we have all stripped to down to our underware and had a splash/water fight..(in the back yard)... so the neighbours aren't horrified at the sight of two grown fattys running round in their undies :-)

Malinda who is 10 has kept us very entertained today as she has come out with some classic one liners. As most of you know Malinda has some mild learning disabilities as well as some social and emotional delays/issues. This comes with its own set of parenting challenges and can be difficult, heartbreaking and some times overwhelming, but her sweet and quirky innocence is also a blessing and can often be quite comical as she blurts out whatever she feels like saying,..(such freedom is envied by her mumma).
Todays classic quotes were great and from time to time I will post a bunch of her funny sayings, this morning after being firmly reminded that she is not to lift her baby brother up onto mum and dad's bed because it wasn't safe she turned to her father and replied "don't worry about me dad, I am just a poor little child" it was very cute, and she received a tickle from daddy who was doing his best to not giggle at her. Later in the day as we headed off outside to cool down with a water fight hubby grabbed the hose and sprayed himself on the stomach, malinda turned and exclaimed "Mum, daddy is wetting near his ovaries".. the laughter was not contained this time, and after a few minutes and several attempts we explained briefly the difference between ovaries and testicles and that daddy was not spraying the water near either. A lot of giggles, an awesome water fight and a timtam bicky (my fav) made for a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First attempt

Hi all, well this is my first attempt at blogging and whilst I am not sure how long I will keep at it or how often I will post given I have 4 children I thought what the heck I would jump in and give it a far so good I have not blown up the computer or caused any major malfunctions.

I thought this would be an interesting way to keep track of the various events, creations and drama's that often take place in our large and lovely family of 6. Tonight was awesome with a visit from my brother and his wife who are expecting a baby next year ..lots of the conversation was about the expected bundle and it was great seeing how enthusiastic they both are about the impending arrival. They bought us piza for dinner which was yum and I had made choc brownies for dessert, topped with ice cream chocolate powder and a piece of Lindt choc orange chocolate very yummy and a big hit with the children and the adults... not so good for the "diet" and a long walk may be required in the morning.

The rest of the evening has been spent putting various children back to bed and working on setting this up. Now that it is done and I am officially up and running I am going to bed.

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