Monday, July 5, 2010

We are weaners!!! End of the breastfeeding journey.

So as most of you who follow along here on my little blog know I have been a breastfeeding mum for over a year now (go me!!)You all know the internal battle I experienced to get to a place where I was comfortable and confident enough to actually even try breastfeeding with Olivia. It had been a bit of a battle but I am so proud of myself as I worked very hard on getting through my emotional reservations and issues with breastfeeding.

Olivia and I have enjoyed a fabulous time boobing away for the first 14 months of her life, however a month ago I started feeling the desire to reclaim my body, after two pregnancies very close together (and I DO mean very close there is only 4 months between my pregnancy with Mikey and my pregnancy with Olivia)and breastfeeding for 14 months I really felt like I was loosing myself a bit and wanted to reclaim my body..including my boobies.

I have had a wonderful and loving experience breastfeeding Livvy-bug and although it was originally my plan to feed her until she was 2 years old physically and emotionally I have gotten to a place where I feel I am done. Olivia was no longer at a stage of having a breastfeed for a meal, as a newborn would be solely dependant on milk for there food requirements Olivia eats a massive range of foods and was only having a big drink at night and popping on and off the boob during the day for quick drinks, it became (if I am being honest) a bit frustrating for me to literally have her attach for 35 seconds so after discussion with my amazingly supportive hubby we decided to end our breast feeding relationship. Extremely happy in the knowledge that I have given her a wonderful and healthy natural start during the past month we have transitioned or weaned off the breast and onto a bottle for night time and a sippy cup for during the day.
Olivia has taken to it with gusto and enthusiasm which has made the whole process very easy. Her big sister Malinda has enjoy being able to share cuddles and give Livvy her night time bottle sometimes this is such a lovely sight for us as their parents to see.

Olivia and I would like to thank everyone who has supported encouraged and given us advice and help during our breastfeeding relationship, especially Meegs Beer, Sarah Mac, Sazz Langford and my hubby, Liv's Daddy David who has been amazingly supportive as he and I both did the learning and journey of feeding our daughter together.


  1. GO LEESA! What an amazing job you have done, 14 mths is a huge milestone to be proud of! xxx

  2. Much much congrats and admiration to you Leesa!!!
    14mths is such an unbelievably HUGE achievement, for many mummys in western society, let alone one with you journey of anxiety and past booby issues.
    Olivia is one lucky little girl!!!!
    I love that the bottle feeding has been passed onto Malinda, letting the bonding with the families baby extend to the other members now.
    I hop you're glowing with lots of pride, you sure should be!

  3. LOVE the title!!!! Well done with the breastfeeding for so long too, you've done AMAZINGLY and persevered through so many difficulties as they came up (I still remember when she was very little and you thought you were going to have to wean her for her health etc)!



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