Monday, April 12, 2010

Olivia turns one!

 Okay so I have been totally run off my feet with school holidays and 4 children so have had no chance to blog about recent events including Livvy's 1st birthday party, Easter and school holiday madness and since Meegs has been sooking about my lack of blogging I thought I would try to do a couple of posts over the next day or so.

 I will start with Olivia's birthday and her party.
We had an amazing day despite my stress a couple days before that no one would show up for her party. We were blessed by Kintara and Adam who gave us pretty much all our party's supply of plates, cups, napkins and bowls thanks again guys it was a huge help. The plates were in the shape of Ladybugs and the cups and smaller plates had pictures of ladybugs on them they were awesome and of course if you haven't picked up on the theme we had a ladybug party as this is one of Livvy's nicknames. Red and black balloons floated around the house as we organised the backyard and lounge rooms ready for the party.

 I had made Olivia a red tutu and sewn on black spots. I also made her a headband with antena on them to
complete her outfit... it turned out great if I do say so myself hee hee. Some of the party guests also dressed up as ladybugs or other types of bugs or beetles. There was Drew who looked awesome in his bumble bee costume (and is now forever nicknamed Mr
Drew-bee), Peter was a silvery dragonfly, as well as that there were some other ladybugs, butterflies and a very cute centepede. The effort everyone went to was awesome and all the kids looked great.

 We had our very special friend Lanii come and take some beautiful photos on her big expensive camera which was very generous of her and the photos look great - thank you Lanii for do that for us oxox. 

My mum made the birthday cake...which was a point of many conversations/arguments of differing artistc opinions but in the end we settled on a  design and she did an absolutely fantastic job, the cake made me cry and I could not bring myself to cut the ladybug part as I thought it to pretty. A fantastic result Thanks mum.
 Livvy-bug received some very beautiful presents for her birthday from all her guests but one that is very very special was handmade by her Godmother Megan for her. It is a beautiful blanket with brightly coloured patch work squares. Livvy managed to christen it in the first week of having it by doing a poop on had since been washed and she cuddles up with it at night. A gorgeous present from a gorgeous lady.

 The party went off without a hitch lots of food and fun, pass the parcel and pin the tale on the donkey, free play and music. We all had an awesome day and want to say a massive thank you to all who came and celebrated Olivia's special day with us....I still cannot believe my baby is one time sure moves on.


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  1. I prefer the term'gently reminding' to sooking! LMAO



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