Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost 2 and all about Mikey

Since Master Mikey is about to turn 2 I decided that this post would be dedicated to him and share some random facts about him as I did when it was master 5 birthday.

Mikey's daddy chose his name when I was about 4 months pregnant and we both fell in love with it. From then on we refered to him as Michael when he was born the name fit him perfectly.

Michael has had 1 hair cut in his entire 2 years, he has the most amazing loong blond curly hair and we intend to keep growing it...and yes I do get told what a pretty little girl I have but we don't mind.

He was by far the easiest and shortest labour and delivery I have had (3 hours from start to finish)

I found out I was pregnant with Mikey whilst at Hillsong ( A christian conference my old church attends in Sydney) We were so excited that by then end of the day about 100 people knew.. all before our families!

Mikey's latest trick is to look very cute and hum when he is in trouble, I am not sure what made him start doing this but it is very funny and as soon as I say his name if I am correcting him or if he goes into our office which he knows he isn't allowed in he will hum when he sees me and looks very innocent, it is very hard to be cross when he does this, and I think he has worked this out.

Michael is VERY affectionate and protective of his little sister, we were all worried he would be very jealous of her given there is only 12 months between them but he loves her to bits and pats her like a dog saying "my bubba"

He loves the night garden...I do not,

Mikey has pooped more times in the bath then the 3 other children put together...seriously he does it like once a fortnight and it is really gross and then he cries "yuck yuck" well don't poop in the bath then!!!!

Mikey loves to draw and we need to be very careful about leaving anything he can draw with lying about as he will draw on the walls, t.v or carpet, currently our lounge room wall has black texta all over it mixed with red pencil and some eyeliner pencil,..nice job buddy.

He is very much an out doors boy and will spend hours playing outside with his toy car, or in the cubby house both of which are very much loves of his life. He also enjoys the parks nearby and as we walk or drive past one he will shout out "go play go play" it is adorable.

Michael gave us a huge scare when he was a couple weeks old, he was diagnosed with have low muscle tone,it took a long time for him to be strong enough to gain weight and strengthen up but as of his 12 month check in with his paediatrician he has developed normal muscle tone and is a strong healthy boy.
Michael has the sweetest most easy going personality out of all 4 of our children, he would be the most relaxed. He is incredibly loved by his family and extended family friends. Mikey has a great giggle, gives wonderful hugs and is a huge blessing to our family.

Little man as you head toward your 2nd birthday know that you are loved, your family adore you for the wonderful unique and special little boy you are. I thank God for your presence in my life,darling son you are loved.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovely Bugs is born.

Ever since I got my sewing machine a couple years ago friends and strangers have commented to me about things I make especially the toys and blankets I have made for the babies, I often get told you should start a business or you should sell those, after much encouragement from my husband and friends "LOVELY BUGS" handmade toys and goods has been born. This is the name I have chosen to use for my goodies as you all know I love ladybugs things. I have been thinking of diving in and doing this for a while but wanted to have some stock ready to go.
Now this may totally turn out to be a wasted venture and completely suck but I figure you never know till you try and I love being creative and making things so this will give me the opportunity to do so, and if it fails well you'll all be getting hand made gifts for your birthdays and your children's birthdays. My motivation for doing this is not money, anyone who knows me well will already know this. I simply love to sew and create things and this is giving me motivation and a positive and productive outlet to do so.

My kids and I are totally hooked on taggies..(blankets, balls and toys with ribbons on them) and I have made a variety of these in different colours
and sizes. I also make children's tutu's, crinkle toys (toys that make that lovely scrunchy noise baby's love so much) and very cute head bands. Library bags and toiletry bags, loofa's and wheat (heat) bags in different sizes and colours for males and females. I am currently working on a facebook page for Lovely bugs should be up and running tomorrow at some point the page will have more photo's and information. So check it out if you wanna.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Megan says: Oh you're just a SAHM? I don't think so!

Recently i have felt that my "status" in society has been questioned. I know I know, here goes another stay at home mum having a rant about how people think less of her! But seriously SAHM does not stand for Stay at home Moron!
Why do some people think that because i choose to stay at home, and am very blessed to be in the situation that its a choice, that my brain has gone AWOL and I have no idea what is happening in the "real" world?
Why do they think that I can't hold a decent conversation without reverting to baby talk?
Why can I not have a valid opinion on a topic?
Why do they think that my life revolves only around my children and cooking and cleaning.

Yes, my children are my focus literally 24 hrs a day. But working mum's focus on their children 24 hrs a day too. Usually they are working to provide for their children. I am not saying that I am any better or worse than working mums. I myself have been a working mum and its bloody hard!

But just because I stay at home I still think and choose and try to better myself and broaden my horizons so to speak!

And here's a statement that is very hard to admit too sometimes. I like being a SAHM! Shock horror, i said it! Not because I'm lazy, definitely not, but because I like being
able to take my kids to school, pick them up, help with homework, do reading at school and be with my toddler all day.
I have the choice to do that and i relish that!

Here's something else that's a bit shocking to some, i breastfeed my toddler! How very hippy of me! And I enjoy it, its our special time together 1st thing in the morning and just before bed. Just him and I, relaxing together, one on one. If you think there is no benefit to it for him or me so be it. I don't really care! If you don't agree, okay, your choice. if you don't like me for it, that's okay too! I'll just grow my own people, cos i can do that! LOL

I like my husband being the head of my home! I don't want that responsibility thank you very much! We discuss everything together and make our decisions together but if there was to be a title as such, he can have it!

However my kids aren't the only thing I have in my life. I have family that I love dearly and like to spend time with. I have AMAZING friends in my life, some with kids, some without, some married, some single, some old, some young. I am friends with people who work , stay at home, have religious beliefs, are atheists, are gay and straight. I don't care what you do or don't do, I don't judge you, that's not my place, if i like you its for you!

My integrity has been questioned recently too. Through this trying time I have realised a few things that have been a long time coming.
I AM a dece
nt person
I AM forgivi
I AM a good friend/ daughter/ granddaughter/
I am strong enough to stand up for what i believe in! WOOHOO!
I can admit when i was wrong and am willing to listen to others opinions on matters that are important to them or me.
I am not faultless and I am not intending to sound that way. I am after all only human! But I am willing to admit my mistakes.

Anyway, that is my vent for today!
If you have read this, thank you for taking the time to do so!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peter's first day at "big school" 2010

Peter had his first day of big school last week. He started on Thursday and unfortunately it was not a great start. He began the morning very excited all happy smiles ready to go to preps and meet some new friends and see his teacher Miss H again. Daddy drove Mummy Peter and the two bubba's up to the school dropping us of at the front car park with 10 minutes till bell time having previously been told that the prep grades would be starting at 9am along with the rest of the grades. As it turned out there was some miss-communication between staff and admin and school for preps didn't actually start till 9:30am, this messed with us a bit because mummy had the babies to contend with as well as an emotional 5 year old for the next half an hour.
We passed the time with a wonder rounds the playground and a couple of rice crackers I had stashed in the pram (thank god!!) Finally the big moment arrived ,the classroom door opened and out stepped a complete stranger!!!! Peter looked at me and I back at him as we listened to an announcement saying Miss H was not well and unable to be at school you can imagine this did not go down well with the parents or students and Peter built up his tantrum from a level 5 to a full blown level 10!!!! Once I got him inside the classroom and we had his bag and hat on its hook I got him seated on the mat with the other children and with the help of the teachers aid I managed to de-tangle myself from him and leave him crying, yes I felt like a crappy mother but I also knew that within 2 minutes of my leaving he would of stopped and settled a lot better then if I had stayed there..(which is exactly what happened) As I walked the short distance home I asked God to watch over my boy and to help me be calm. It began to rain just as we reached the house and continued to do so for most of the day. I felt very sad for the preppies who had been looking forward to starting school with their teacher ready for a big adventure and the teacher was away and now it was raining spoiling any chance of outside play for them. When I picked my very tired boy up at the end of the day he was excited to tell me about what he had done and handed me his newsletters like a very grown up boy *sigh* gone was my baby and replaced was a big boy who had bravely taken his first steps towards the very long years of schooling ahead. I was very proud of him.
This afternoon as we prepare for the school week ahead packing lunch boxes and ironing uniforms I am really hoping and praying for a much better start to the school week for Peter and all the other
preps in his grade. Thankfully Miss H will be back on Monday and I know Peter is very excited to see her again. Thanks to all on Facebook for your good wishes for Peter he really like being read out your messages.

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