Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You paid how much???!!

This afternoon I realised that the amount of money you spend on things really has nothing to do with the actual value it. Christmas this year for our children was probably a bit of a culture shock with the parents deciding that presents from Santa and Mummy and Daddy would be rather minimal.One big present from mum and dad, bits and pieces in their Santa stocking from the big red guy and a couple of "family presents" of board games and play station games. We decided this for two reasons one being we didn't have that much money and with the addition of Miss Livvy buying for 4 children plus extended family cash was tight. The second reason being that they just get SO MUCH!!! It is beyond ridiculous and we were running out of room to put things. Despite our vow of minimal (which we did stick to as best we could) we still spent more then we needed to buying more then we should of for our children. My love language is gifts..(meaning I show love by giving people gifts and receive love through receiving gifts) Read The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman to find out yours . So I find it hard to cut back on an emotional level. The children were once again overwhelmed by their presents not really knowing what to play with first, so in a way I felt like a bad parent and that I was contributing to their indecision in overloading their brains with choice.

Today however I watched as 3 out of 4 children giggled and shrieked with delight and entertained themselves and each other with 2 containers of blowing bubbles...costing a total of $4.00 It was wonde
rful to witness the absolute joy on their faces as they blew and popped bubbles for over half a hour. I have to admit while watching them I felt a mixture of pleasure and shame, on the one hand it was awesome to see them so happy over something so simple but on the other hand I felt guilty that I had over loaded them with "stuff" on Christmas day, when they really did not need it and can be made so happy with something little or simple.

I do love spoiling all of my children and my husband and friends with gifts but have decided that this year for birthdays and Christmas things will be much different. Parenting 4 children is difficult in terms of making sure each child gets enough one on one time so I am thinking that I might make that part of their gifts this year... choosing an outing or adventure to do just with Mummy and Daddy.I think this will make for a more pleasurable and memorable day then just rushing gifts at the kids and then leaving them to ponder what to do first.

Thats not say that you all shouldn't buy me pressies for my birthday in 18 days I am an adult and can handle the choice bawhahahahahahahaha . Have a great night Bloggers xox


  1. You managed to put into words just how I was feeling about gift giving as well. Iris was so overwelmed by the "stuff" on Christmas day that she actually climbed into my lap and cried for everyone to stop:(

  2. ohh Poor Ris thats horrible, Malinda did/does a similar thing she takes unwrapped presents and goes and opens them in her room, she doesn't like people watching her unwrap stuff and she likes to take her time not feel rushed and like everyone is waiting for her to react... the more I think about it over gift giving for children really puts preasure on them :-( really really gonna try to keep it simple this year.. more so then last

  3. oh leesa.. im a gifter too... i really need to read that book, but i am definately a gifter.. DH is not so things get strange around here at times...

  4. I have 2 copies so your welcome to one, it is a great read tells you why people respond to the things you do in what ways One of my kids is a quality timer.. nothing says I love you more to peter then sitting and doing a craft activity with him, but Malinda is a gifts person as well as physicl touch she knows she is loved or wants to show you she loves you by giving big cuddles. I will give it to you when I pick up the nappys.



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