Friday, January 8, 2010

A busy day with girls, giggles and hot chippies.

Yesterday Jan 7th, Team Tredinnick minus co-captain hubby (who is now back at work) had a fantastically full day busy with visits from people, babysitting my gorgeous God daughter Iris, a trip to the park for a play and some hot chip and a quick visit to Kintara's house to pick up Mikeys new cloth nappies. I love having days where we are constantly doing things it makes entertaining 4 children so much easier and thankfully my 2 little ones will sleep in the pram or wrap on the go so not much interruption to sleep routines take place!

Jo and her 3 little cherubs Molly, Lucy and Ruby arrived around 11am for a play and morning tea. The children got stuck into playing with the new cubby house and slide Lucy and Ruby took great delight in sliding toys down the slide more so then going down themselves. Morning tea quickly followed and the children (all 7 of them) crowed into the kitchen round the table and some into highchairs. Watermelon, grapes, choc wafers and BBQ rice crackers were devoured in no time. With full belly's and energy r
echarged the kiddies took off outside for more playtime while Jo and I had a gab. Sarah arrived a short time later with Miss Iris and dropped her off without any tears or fuss (Which impressed me). Iris joined in with the games and played well with the kids..Jo thought the house looked like a childcare centre with our kid numbers now reaching 8, poor boys were very out numbered though 2 boys and 6 girls.
It was getting close to lunch time.. well actually it was probably a little past lunch time and Jo decided to join us for a walk to the local takeaway shop where we got some hot chips and set off round the corner to the park. We sat down and once the chips where unwrapped and cooled off the seagulls (children) flew in for food. I thought it very sweet that Molly Lucy and Iris had to eat with plastic forks, such little ladies. Once lunch and juices where gone the children hit the play equipment hard. Giggles could be heard throughout the park . Molly was pretending to be tinker bell who is her most favorite fairy by leaning over the swing and flapping her arms it was incredibly cute. Ruby and Olivia who were both in need of a sleep powered on in their prams with no fuss they both sat watching their siblings play whilst sucking dummy's and cuddling their taggie blankets. Ruby also enjoyed a game of peek-a-boo with her mumma.

After the park we headed home and Jo took the girls home so Ruby could have her afternoon nap. The children all continued to play for a while and Iris took a short break from everyone by having a little rest (NOTE By request!!!) in Mikey's cot, I had to take photo's of this as I think it was about the 3rd time Iris had ever been in a cot ;-) Once energy levels were restored play continued with the kids becoming covered in a thin layer of dirt so a bath was much in need. By the time the baths were done Sarah had arrived to take Iris home. I was feeling a little worn out so opted out of cooking dinner and hubby picked up a vegetarian pizza (my fave).

I headed down to Kintara's place to pick up my order
of cloth Nappy's and baby legs which had arrived. AAahhhh so exciting to be able to have enough cloth nappy's for Mikey to go full time in cloth now for both baby's. Woot woot. While there I drooled over Miss Stella's range of Ladybug clothing and am now planning on doing a B and E job to steal them for Olivia hee hee *jokes*

Sue ( my bestie) dropped round for coffee and to have a lesson in True Blood culture. We watched the first 2 episodes and she is now hooked hee hee VAMPIRES ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!! It was fun explaining to her who was who in the show and she left round 11pm taking with her the rest of the series on DVD for her to watch over the weekend...but I reckon she will sit and watch them all in one hit. A great day was had by all the Tredinnicks thank you so much to those who contributed to making it rich in awesomeness. *hugs*


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