Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things I refuse to apologise for :

I refuse to apologise for breastfeeding in public, My boobs , my baby if you don't like it look away or stare and pull faces but either way deal with it.

Loving my God passionately, for what other response can I possibly have for the creator of the world, the forgiver of my sins and lover of my soul.

I refuse to apologise for wanting time away from my 4 children,I love them all more then anything else but occasionally I need to be away from them so that I can recharge my batteries and come back to them more refreshed and relaxed mummy.

I refuse to apologise for talking when I go to the movies with Sue, it helps our process of what we are seeing and its fun, I paid for my ticket just like you so suck it up.

For wanting my children to succeed in life, in their personal choices and in their career paths I want the best for my children and I refuse to apologise for it.

Eating the last Tim Tam in the packet, if its left there it becomes fair game..regardless of whose it may be.

I refuse to apologise for using/needing anti depressants to help regulate and stabilise my moods, my last 2 pregnancy's and immediate time after child birth were horrendous emotionally for me and I refuse to apologise for needing various types of help including medication to get through it.

For asserting my right to have a say as to who influences my children, whether friend or relative if your not going to contribute positively to my children's lives bugger off you don't get a say.

For asking my brother and sister in law a hundred questions about their growing bubby in the belly and the pregnancy, I am very excited for them and their family and want to be involved and give my support so I will continue to bother you with questions and smother the bump with love, deal with it cause I am not sorry.

I refuse to apologise for protecting my family with the ferociousness of a lioness do not mess with my kids, Hubby or extended family or you will feel my wrath...okay so I am not that tough but I will fight for the well being of my family at all costs.

For having a long shower, I am a busy Mum of 4 kids and don't actually get to shower everyday so when I do I am going to make it count, deal with it hippy cause I am SO not sorry.

I am not going to apologise for having an opinion that might be different to yours, you might be right but I HAVE the right to disagree with you anyway.

Embarrassing my 10 year old by singing as we walk through the shopping centre, as a parent I feel it very important to cause some minimal social discomfort for my kids and singing loudly and at inappropriate times is just plain fun fun fun!!!

Whilst I am sure there are many things I should apologise for I am not going to at this point that's another topic for another blog post, for now I just wanted to say that some of these are on this list for fun but others are very important to me and my refusal to apologise for these things does not come out of petulance or a disdain for those around me but more of an awareness of what is important to me what I am truely passionate about and what I will defend not matter what. My Family My God and my right to choose whats best for me.

Have a great weeknd bloggers.



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