Thursday, January 14, 2010

All about Peter Philip boy!

So today was Peters last day at 4 year old kinder *hold in tears Mumma hold in tears*
Wow I cannot believe that in just 6 days my "baby boy" will be turning
5. Time goes way to fast he starts "big school" as he calls it (preps) in a few weeks and then time will really fly. Since today is Peter's last day at kinder and really it begins a new season in his life I thought I would share a few random facts and some fun things about my boy.

Peter was a honeymoon baby... yep married 6 weeks and I was pregnant

He didn't have a name for almost 2 days cause hubby and I could not agree on a first name...Peter was chosen for his second name and in the end we said bugger it lets call him Peter.

Peter was the most ugly baby born ever seriously he looked like an alien when he came out and had big red swollen lips... he settled down after a couple days and continues to be a very handsome little man.

Peter could do sign language before he could talk...and still occasionally uses it now

Peter has already chosen his wife and tells me on a weekly bases that he is going to marry Molly Pierce... they even had a pretend wedding...thankfully Molly loves Peter right back so no broken hearts just yet.

He has been able to add and subtract since he was 3 and can count to 10 in

He loves all of the arts, music, singing, painting, craft of every sort ,playing musical instruments and dancing. He especially likes Elvis and desperately tries to imitate his hip swivel moves

Peter is a wild mixture of loving and caring one minute and an absolute terror in another minute..often wonder if he has multiple personality disorder cause the switch between good and horrid happens very quick some times.

He loves going to church and is as much a christian as a 4 year old can be.

He makes up his own songs...this can be very sweet or totally hilarious

Peter has beautiful blue eyes.

Peter self toilet trained much to mumma and daddy's delight

He was totally devastated 2 years ago (when he was 3) that he didn't get a Dora explorer make up table for Christmas.. he cried for hours on Christmas day that year.

He turns 5 on the 20th of Jan. Peter is a challenge at times he can be cheeky and even an out and out brat, but he is also loving, very compassionate, funny, gentle, sweet, kind, a good friend and an awesome big brother. He gives the best cuddles and our family is very very blessed to have him in it.


  1. WE LOVE PETER! He is the nicest, cuddliest,funniest, sweetest and hilarious ratbag i hav ever met! GO PETER!!!



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