Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peter's 5th Birthday

Yesterday was Peter's 5th birthday...this was a huge achievement because there were a few moments the past 12 months that have had his father and I questioning weather he would actually make this next birthday. LOL. He had a great day despite a small setback in the afternoon. I was awoken at about 6:30am by a little hand shaking me saying "its me the birthday boy mum"sooo cute! Daddy had been up earlier with Peter and given him one of his birthday presents to try stem off the impatience as he waited for the rest of the family to wake so we could enjoy his present opening together. Once Olivia had been boobed we (minus daddy who went to work early) sat together and oohhed and ahhed as Peter opened his presents. Since he is starting school this year a few of his gifts were based around that including a Ben 10 lunch box from Daddy and Mummy and some very cool handcuffs he also received a hot wheels car from his sister, a Bakugan ( Japanese animated series he is obsessed with) t-shirt some colouring in pictures of batman and a Harry Potter study set. Nana Margaret and Grandpa Norm had been very organised and sent presents for Peter to open on his birthday before they had left for their trip so he also got some books and a money box which adds up the total as you put money into it. After a phone call from Nana M and then Nanny L we headed off for a walk and a promised birthday milkshake for morning tea. When we got home we tided up and decorated a cake for a BBQ we were planning in the afternoon with some friends from church and Nanny L. Uncle Adam gave a phone call which Peter was very happy about and is looking forward to celebrating his birthday with his cousins on Saturday at Uncle Adam and Aunty Pam's house. Unfortunately the big BBQ turned into a much smaller gathering as one of the children was not feeling well which prevented the whole Beer family from attending however Meegs was good enough to bring Master Seth around (Peter's good buddy and Olivia's betrothed) to wish Peter a happy birthday and enjoy some meat balls and sing happy birthday, which made Peter (and mummy) very happy! Nanny L arrived with a very cool Ben 10 school bag and Ben 10 drink bottle (big hit) as well as some chocolate (bigger hit) we enjoyed the cake and some time together, he thought himself very grown up getting messages on the computer and he loved hearing from you Peter has had an awesome birthday thanks everyone for your messages for him on Facebook xox



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