Monday, January 4, 2010

So I shall name them.....

A little while ago a friend of mine had posted on Facebook all the nick names which he his wife and extended family have for his children. I thought I would be a total copy cat and do a similar thing given that I will refer to my children a lot throughout my posts and will more then likely use one of there many many nick names so here we go.

Malinda Rose Tredinnick also known as : Mini, Mouse, Mini Mouse, Min, Moo-Moo, Mini-moo,Baby girl, Chook, Chooka, Malala (pronounced Ma-la-la) (This is how Michael says Malinda) Lala, Rosey, Rose, Mini-Rose, Rosey girl, Paris Hilton,....long story for another blog post, Mal or Mel.George and Princess

Peter Philip Tredinnick also known as : Pete, Big boy, Petey, Poopa, Poops (I know not very flattering), George, Peter-poops, Elvis...(if you have seen him dance you would understand this one) Ben 10(... which he gave himself.) Genius, Genius Boy and Peter Rabbit, nut job

Michael David Tredinnick also known as : Mikey, Mikey-Moo, Mike, Cherub, Moo, Mickey D (thanks mum for that one), Mikey-Boy, Mini -Pete, Little David, Chunky, Chunka-Butt, Cheeky Chops and Fat belly boy...(NOTE This is said with love and affection not as a put down, I love my lil mans round tummy!!!)

Olivia Joy Valerie Tredinnick also known as :Livvy, Livvy -Loo, Liv, Loo-Bug, Loo-loo, Loo Loo Girl, Bug, Ladybug, Livvy-Bug, Buggy-Boo, Buggers, Boobie Girl,


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