Sunday, February 5, 2012

Can a 3 year old have an encounter with the divine??

This post is more of a question then a story but I'm wondering as you can most likely tell by the title of this blog post if it is possible for an almost 3 year old child (in this case my ladybug) to have a true encounter/ experience with God...

You're right you need more information here goes :

I have to assume that most of you know we are a Christian family who attend church every week, we pray as a family and role model for our children (as best we can) (sometimes not so great) how God expects us to live as Christians.

Olivia our youngest daughter who is almost 3 has been attending church since she was one week old, so she is comfortable and accustomed to prayer and praise and worship time within a church service. She even at 2 is always happy to participate in group prayer and loves to sing and dance along with praise music, however recently I noticed during the quieter and more solemn time of musical worship in church Livvy closes her eyes and raises her hands up and sings along to the music. The first time she did this (a few months ago) I assumed she was just mimicking myself or the people around her who were connecting with God, Then I looked at her face not just her actions and she had a look of pure and total joy on her face she was aglow and intent on what she was doing and I was fascinated and have been wondering as she has done this a couple of times now... (not every week but certainly 3 or 4 times over about 3 months) is she really connecting with God or is she mimicking?

Is it possible for a toddler to connect with God In such a way? or any child to have such an experience for that matter?

I realise that to a degree she would be mimicking what she See's around her and I understand that since this is what she is growing up with she would be comfortable with joining in and doing what other people are doing, however it's the look on her face as she closes her eyes and raises her arms that gets me wondering. I guess its hard to explain but there is a gentle softness that comes over her, a calm but sweet joy as she softly songs the words she knows, sometimes she is not singing at all but just appears to be having a quiet moment with God . Am I reading to much into it? Am I just projecting what I want for her.. Which would be to experience the fullness of gods love for her, Or is she truly entering in to worship and connecting with God in a real and personal way?

For now I don't have a definitive answer ( am happy to hear peoples opinions and thoughts but please be respectful in how you express them this is my child and my faith both are precious to me) Like I was saying I don't have a definite answer but I will always encourage all of my children to connect with and encounter God in a way that is personal and meaningful to them. I know he has amazing plans for all 4 of my children and hubby and my desire for them all is to know then Lord and experience daily his love for them as we do. Weather this happens when they are 3 years old or 10 or 15 I don't know, all I can do for now is watch on with joy and pride as they experience and respond to their creator who loves them.

Mathew 19:14 14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


  1. Many of my earliest memories are of experiencing a real spiritual connection, though at the time I didn't really understand who God was. I would talk to him, sing to him and just felt loved.

    From personal experience I'd say a small child can and will have a deep connection with God. And the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these... with their pure faith, uncontaminated by what or who they think God is. A child can connect with God in ways us biased and scarred adults can only envy.



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