Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Water fights, crazy quotes and a timtam bicky

I am very excited as I just discovered that I can change the text colour in which the writting on my blog appears which I think is very very cool...(yes I am that lame). Today has been a bloody stinking hot day and we have all stripped to down to our underware and had a splash/water fight..(in the back yard)... so the neighbours aren't horrified at the sight of two grown fattys running round in their undies :-)

Malinda who is 10 has kept us very entertained today as she has come out with some classic one liners. As most of you know Malinda has some mild learning disabilities as well as some social and emotional delays/issues. This comes with its own set of parenting challenges and can be difficult, heartbreaking and some times overwhelming, but her sweet and quirky innocence is also a blessing and can often be quite comical as she blurts out whatever she feels like saying,..(such freedom is envied by her mumma).
Todays classic quotes were great and from time to time I will post a bunch of her funny sayings, this morning after being firmly reminded that she is not to lift her baby brother up onto mum and dad's bed because it wasn't safe she turned to her father and replied "don't worry about me dad, I am just a poor little child" it was very cute, and she received a tickle from daddy who was doing his best to not giggle at her. Later in the day as we headed off outside to cool down with a water fight hubby grabbed the hose and sprayed himself on the stomach, malinda turned and exclaimed "Mum, daddy is wetting near his ovaries".. the laughter was not contained this time, and after a few minutes and several attempts we explained briefly the difference between ovaries and testicles and that daddy was not spraying the water near either. A lot of giggles, an awesome water fight and a timtam bicky (my fav) made for a wonderful day.


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