Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleep... my children stole it.

Sleep, oh how I miss thee ever so much.

My children have stolen from me. Robbed me of a joy I am having trouble remembering.. a little thing called sleep. Gone are the carefree days of sleeping in till 10am on a weekend... now days I consider 6am a sleep in.
My children just wont sleep., which in turn given their ages means I don't get to sleep either. I have 4 children the oldest being 12 has a bed time most nights round 8:30pm she will eventually be asleep by around 11pm and wake at 7am on a school day and attempt to sleep later on the weekends however most of the time her brothers and sister have different plans.

Last week one of our nights was as follows Mini (12) awake until 11pm, Olivia woke at 2am and stayed awake all night, Peter (6) and Mikey (3) woke at 4am and were awake all day. Giving me a grand total of 3 hours sleep. On Tuesday Mini broke her arm and was awake until 2am unable to get comfortable,.. I can deal with that I totally get pain can keep you awake... however her brothers woke at 4:20am and decided to play and make noise all morning eventually waking Olivia at 6am with all their carry on. Saturay night Peter woke at 11pm, Mikey at 11:15 and Olivia at 11:30, they have radar I swear all waking at the same time, Olivia finally re settled at about 2am Mikey and Peter were up till about 4am and then again at 6:30am I rag myself through the day thinking I am soooooooooooooo tired. They on the other hand are all sunshine and roses.

why do these little sleep thief's not settle... why do they wake up at 11pm an party on all night .. on any given night these are some of the things we hear. ( I will number order them by child child 1= mini child 2 = peter etc etc)

1 I need a drink of water
3 I need drink too
2 I need to go to the toilet
1 my bums sore
3 I poo'ed my nappy
2 I just can't sleep
1 my arm is hurting
1 I'm too hot
2 I m too cold
3 I need milk
2 I can't find my teddy
2 Malina is talking in her room
1 Peter is talking in his room
1 I feel funny
2 I heard a noise outside
3 I want to play
2 Why is Mikey up
1 why are the boys up

This takes place for about an hour an then finally they are all asleep... until anywhere between 11pm and 2am then the wake ups start... if it was a wake up and go back to sleep that would be cool but NO they wont re settle.... co-sleeping, music, warm milk, cuddles with either parent, bribery, threatening, begging and bargaining NOTHING wins them over to the sleep side of the night,all the while number 4 is carrying on calling out from her cot all her demands and frustrations as well.

Now if this was a once a week occurrence I would not complain, I get it kids have bad nights and bad days just like us but it's EVERY fricken night. I hear mum's complain about having to get up at 6am and I want to punch them in the face... repeatedly... 6am ohhh that would be so much nicer then 2am, 3am or 4am. Now you would think that given the total lack of sleep my children have that they would be exhausted during the day, calm and sleepy by 11am well you're TOTALLY wrong!! They are delightful, happy full of energy normal playing toddlers and kids. By around 6pm they are hitting the wall and bed time is round 6:30pm.. I would keep them up later in the hopes of a longer sleep over night but experience has told me that this just doesn't work an makes for a more difficult evening, we have a nice bed time routine they know when it's coming and whats expected, we sit together and have warm milk and a cookie o toileting rounds prayers and tuck In's... which last about 10 mins on a great night 5 on an average night and 3 on a bad night.

I miss sleep so much. How can I function and be a good mum when I average about 4-5 hours sleep a night, I think at least I can bum around the house poor hubby has to go to work and deal with complex computing systems on not much more sleep then I get. People say it's just a stage it wont last but I just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.... They will be teens before I know it,one of them will be a teen next year, along with that comes even more reasons for me to not be asleep. Even as I write this my 2 yr old beauty climbs on me and I tell her it's almost bedtime, she has just told me No, no bedtime not yet, soon... all this is said as she whines and grounds her eyes with her tiny fists she is soo very tired awake since 5:45am no day nap, yet she resists the wonderfulness that is a good nights sleep, again I ask WHY???!!!!

There is a book that is being released here soon with a rather crude title,most of you who read this will know the one I'm talking about, some parents and groups are against it, but as a exhausted totally sleep deprived mum of 4 I look at my kids and think my darlings please just go the f**k to sleep.


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